Electrotechnical solutions...thats us.

No long stories...We build solutions.


Modular engineered, ready to use solutions to solve any electro-technical challenge...that is the motto.

What does this mean:

  1. "Modular engineered" means: Every aspect of our solutions(really - the complete product portfolio) are flexible in its nature...From the automation solution right down to the microprocessor based electronic modules we design and build.

  2. "Ready to use": Every part of our solutions have standard functional footprints..in most cases one can use it out the box...but if a challenge of a special kind present itself that is where the designs come into its own. Our automation solutions are pre-programmed according to a set of protocols and all that is required is to compliment the programming with the site specific functionality. In fact the PLC system is specifically sourced because of its "modular" foundations(Previously this concept was reserved for large scale installation only (DCS systems)).

  3. What is the result of all this? We use the latest technology and implementing it via age old tried and tested systems.

Yes, you read correctly: From pre-designed micro-proeccessor solutions to big factory production applications requiring PLC and SCADA systems.

.What range do we serve? Every electro-technical aspect - From the Main distribution board supply, innovative and flexible energy management, machine automation, Operator interfaces (SCADA) right down to the smallest sensor on a machine..

We have made a concerted effort to provide a complete solution to any commercial activity and only with products we trust and believe in.

Oh by the way, we also have patented (pending) designs we are working on to revolutionise the electrical industry...so watch this space.

What does all this mean?

If you cannot find a solution...

or you dreamt of some optimization...

or a pain in the butt plant issue always upsetting your day....

If you are in the industrial complex (manufacturing or otherwise)...

or Agricultural...

or Commercial and you want to achieve an objective

Or its just something you are thinking about and need an electronic / electrical solution...

Just ask our opinion then we work from there.

Email: garysATelectrostores.org. No problem. I love doing this stuff.